ISO Certification Consulting

We provide solutions that change the way people work, and organizations do business. In virtually every industry, from manufacturing to financial services, Information Technology to education, health care to trading, INTRAWAY Ltd. has been helping companies leverage their resources by reducing their operating costs and increasing their productivity.

We possess the domain expertise to understand the critical issues facing your business & we offer proven modules & comprehensive services that streamline processes & reduce the complexity of operations. More importantly, they are tailored to reduce costs & take your business to a new level of competitive advantage.

Certification under a quality management system such as ISO offers numerous benefits. Businesses generally become more efficient and productive, giving an edge over the competition, and enjoy marketing benefits from ISO certification because it can reassure customers that they follow the highest quality standards.

Here are some of the other key advantages:

  • All processes are evaluated, standardized, and explained to personnel
  • Training new employees are much easier
  • Problems are detected more quickly, and solutions are improved
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • A better understanding of customer needs
  • Better perception of your company
  • Suppliers become more like partners
  • Overall communication is improved
  • Better knowledge of your company by employees
  • Improved participation of employees

Internally, it helps to define clear objectives and obliges you to review them. It also improves communication by defining your processes and helps to reduce nonconforming products. Reducing nonconformities sometimes frees up capacity. ISO helps to reduce inventory through better communication and follow-up with suppliers. It also enables you to address the causes of existing or potential problems through corrective and preventive actions. Overall, ISO improves task definition (who does what), motivates employees to improve the system, and mobilizes them around objectives.

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