Capacity Building
in Institutional Development

INTRAWAY promotes the installation and strengthening of essential national capacities of public administration required for good governance and national development, based on the experience of EC best practices and values. 

That is done by providing technical assistance services to countries to develop the critical structures, systems, institutions, and human resources for public-sector administration and crucial development areas. The technical assistance services include a package of:

  1. policy workshops, which review and formulate policies and launch regional and country initiatives; 
  2. policy training courses, which train change leaders for policy initiatives; 
  3. advisory missions, which assist with national policy formulation and implementation; 
  4. ιn-country training courses, which develop the human resources needed for initiatives; 
  5. institutional development
  6. research and publications, which review the results and feedback into the policy workshops.

Our approach is theory-based (using logic models and systems analysis). However, practical, focusing on developing a shared understanding with our clients on how support to capacity development can assist an organization to function more effectively within its context.

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