Information Society S. A.

Publicity, support, and public information services of the action "Digital Care" of the Ministry of National Economy", in the framework of the Regulations "to address emergency needs due to the coronavirus COVID-19"

Marketing Communication
Creative Content
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Duration:3/2021 - 7/2021
Client:Information Society S. A.

The scope of the project was the provision of publicity, support, and public information services in the context of the overall "Digital Care" Action of the Ministry of National Economy. The objective of the project included services for the detailed planning and implementation of publicity actions for the action, such as preparation of a publicity plan, direct communication/ awareness of action beneficiaries using physical/digital channels, creation of an information website (complementary to the digital management platform), information actions towards the business community of suppliers, organization and operation of the Programme's Help Desk and dissemination actions/ wider public/citizen information actions.

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