Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance

Organization of the final event via videoconference of the project "Addressing the Gender Pension Gap in Greece - PEGASUS", of the "Rights, Equality and Citizenship 2014 - 2020" Programme

Marketing Communication
Event Organisation
Duration:09/2020 - 10/2020
Client:Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance

The project's main objective was to strengthen existing knowledge and fill information gaps on all dimensions of the gender pension gap in Greece, to contribute to the development of policies and other initiatives that will effectively address gender inequalities in pensions. In the context of awareness-raising and dissemination of the results of the above project, the final event was planned to be organized utilizing a teleconference. Intraway undertook the implementation of the following deliverables:

  • Organisation of the final event by videoconference
  • Hire of the platform for the videoconference
  • Equipment / technical support / necessary technical features
  • Production of a video of the signing of the MoU
  • Final Event Material:
    • the creation of an electronic and printed invitation and program for the final event,
    • the recording of the proceedings in electronic and printed form of the final event,
    • the collection of documentation material: photographic material (screenshots) in electronic and printed form, list of participants in electronic and printed form, recording of the presentations and the speeches of the political leadership in electronic form, video of the speeches - signatures of the Memorandum of Understanding in electronic form.

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