Hellenic Police

Identification of the necessary security actions of the Hellenic Police for the support of special population groups

Institutional Development
Social Protection
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Duration:7/2007 - 11/2007
Client:Hellenic Police

The main objective of the project was to identify the security needs of each type of disabled population group, as well as to record, codify and evaluate the quantitative, functional, and qualitative characteristics of the provided security services as well as to draw the necessary further security actions of the Hellenic Police to support these groups. In particular, Intraway carried out  the following steps:
-      Prepared a documented list of agencies and their appropriate representatives
-      Produced a specialized security questionnaire
-      Organised meetings with stakeholders and appropriate representatives in different regions of the country
-      Completed the relevant questionnaire for each population group
-      Developed an application and produced a similar database for the import of questionnaire data
-      Drew the definitive findings and conclusions
-      Organised a workshop for the presentation of the results to an audience of 100 Senior Greek Police Officers


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