European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals

Meta-analysis on existing immigration research on fields relevant to integration (healthcare, social security, employment, education)

Social Innovation
Migration Policies
Duration:12/12 - 06/13

As part of this pn integrated system was created, that hosts researches conducted on migration in important and relevant to the integration of immigrants fields (health, social security, labor, education etc.) as well as their findings, so as to make their search and the retrieval of data and digital assets possible under certain conditions.
In particular, the object of the project was:

Conduct of bibliographic research

  1. Conduct of bibliographic research- Greek bibliography
  2. Conduct of bibliographic research- European bibliography
  3. Conduct of bibliographic research- International bibliography (outside Europe)
  4. Report Authoring

Upgrade of documentation system and of search system for studies and digital assets –Documentation of studies and digital assets on integration of third country nationals in the Greek society issues: creation of an online platform of accumulation of studies and researches.

  1. Upgrade of the system
  2. Creation/Design of digital researches database for studies and digital assets
  3. Data Entry

Meta-analysis of data

  1. Submission of the research problem
  2. Statistical processing and analysis of data
  3. Interpretation of results
  4. Report Authoring for the results

Composition of the Final Report

Development of an observatory on migration

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