Center of Social Welfare of Attica Region

Consultancy services to support the Action Plan "Work, Social Reintegration in the Region of Attica" of the Program 'Housing and Reintegration'

Social Innovation
Social Welfare
Duration:5/2016 - 2/2017

The primary purpose of the intervention entitled "Home, Work, Social Reintegration in Region of Attica " is the provision of multifaceted, complementary, organized, and Integrated Services for Social Empowerment and Work Preparation for vulnerable people who suffer from the most extreme forms of social exclusion, homelessness, and unemployment.
The Project adopted as a strategic objective to ensure the fundamental rights for 30 people or households, and in particular: Finding a home to 25 people/households; professional counseling and empowerment of 30 people and promotion to the labor market of 20 people, access to facilities and services, protection of the single-parent family and especially of the unmarried mother and its protected members, the promotion of the institution of underwriting and in particular for people with disabilities, and to prevent child poverty.

Provided services to the beneficiaries of the Scheme :

  • Actions to find a permanent and safe home and finance the roof for immediate support  ·
  • Coverage of necessities (food, household appliances, etc.) through a grant to beneficiaries ·
  • Provision of accompanying support services for psychosocial support ·
  • Provision of support services for professional counseling, promotion, and integration into the labor market·
  • Raise awareness and find candidate employers and provide incentives through a grant the reintegration of the target group ·
  • Linking the beneficiaries with other local community services where they are living

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