National Centre for Social Research

Development and Diffusion of Corporate Social Responsibility in the the City of Athens

Marketing Communication
Event Organisation
Duration:6/2015 - 8/2015
Client:National Centre for Social Research

Intraway in the context of the implementation of a research program, "EKKE grant for the development and dissemination of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the territorial limits of the City of Athens," organized the following events :

  • An International Conference to raise awareness and inform the general population about Corporate Social Responsibility and the negotiation of prospective CSR actions in the City of Athens
  • Two (2) Awareness-raising workshops on the diffusion of principles, objectives, and actions of the Project, in collaboration with the Project Research Team
  • Three (3) Information Seminars to private and social economy executives on "Methodologies and techniques for creating CSR networks at the local level."
  • Three (3) Workshops to executives of the social partner organizations and private companies on "Skills for using financial tools CSR for Social Inclusion and Entrepreneurship Actions."

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