Municipality of Lesvos

Tourism Promotion of Lesvos Municipality (2014-2015)

Marketing Communication
Exhibitions & Τradeshows
Duration:5/2015 - 5/2015
Client:Municipality of Lesvos

The proposed project aimed to increase the visibility of the Municipality of Lesbos (Lesvos Island) as a Tourist Destination, with the visibility of Lesvos and its tourist resources to foreign or Greek Tour Operators and via internet/tourism promotion reports, public, and thus increase the island's tourism traffic.

The above objective was accomplished through the implementation of seven (7) distinct Promotion Actions. Namely: (a) the creation of a branding-positioning study for the Municipality of Lesbos, (b) the participation in tourism fairs, (c) the implementation of Business Missions and Shared Opinion Shipment Missions (transport, hospitality, guided tours, a tour of the tourist experience in Lesvos,  journalistic missions and tourism professionals,  (d) Internet advertising - Internet Campaign - (through the use of new IT technologies by creating listings on various websites and portals and emails to tour operators, decision-makers, opinion leaders, tourist websites, excursion, sports, etc.); (e) creating reports and banners; (f) creating and producing video spots; (g) digitization and interactive presentation of all printed and audiovisual material that produced.

With the implementation of the proposed project, the expected benefits were multiple and concerned the following:

  • Increase the visibility and emblem of the island of Lesbos
  • Informing the visitor about the tourist product of the island of Lesvos
  • Linking, as much as possible, the high-visibility features of the area
  • An acquaintance of visitors with known and unknown aspects of the island
  • The increasing traffic of Municipality's of Lesvos website, as well as the rise in bookings on the island

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