Hellenic Open University

Promotion and Dissemination Actions

Marketing Communication
Event Organisation
Duration:04/2015 - 11/2015
Client:Hellenic Open University

The objective of the project aimed at the publicity and dissemination of the high-quality university’s education via distance-learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Main actions include:

  1. The development of a Marketing and Communication Plan for the University's identity, including a graphic proposal for the HOU (EAP) logo  and the upgrading / updating of the web site of the EAP (www.eap.gr) portal           
  2. The organization of informative workshops/conferences in nine (9) major cities of Greece and the USA, aiming at the promotion of the academic programs provided by EAP.  

The implementation of the publicity program for each workshop / conference includes the following activities :

  • Sending press releases in at least three time periods (one a week before, two days before and one day after each event).
  • Organizing a press conference 1-2 days before each event.
  • Scheduling eight (8) printed local press ads in each city, which started five(5) days before the event
  • TV news release programmes, two (2) for each organised event 
  • Distribution of posters in central locations of cities.
  • Sending invitations to inform all educational bodies, local authorities and the media in each city.
  • Informing the public of the broader geographic area where each event was organised using new technologies.
  • Configuring the venue for each event included logistics infrastructure, microphone facilities, projection facilities presentations (video / data and overhead projector, secretarial organization, floral decoration, etc.)
  • Covering the work of each event with photography and video recording.
  • Covering travel and hospitality expenses for one (1) day in a 4-star hotel, full board for eight (8) people for each conference

The presentation and organization required the design and production of the following printed matter:
500 color posters measuring 35x50 cm,  10,000 color brochures,  1,500 folders A4 size from recycled paper,  5,000 38x24 cm paper bags, 3,000 pens , 3,000 blocks A4,  10,000 8-page bilingual (English-Greek) color paper illustrations of 21 x 29 cm,  3,000 invitations, 3,000 event programs, publishing and reproduction of conference proceedings in print (2000) 16.5x23.5 copies and digitized format , 1,000 USB flash drives, 10,000 USB flash drives with informative content for the activities of HOU, 4 banners for each event, measuring 200 x 90 cm (total 52 banners) which adorned the venues.

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