General Secretariat for Gender Equality

The Greek farmer: recording the participation, problems, challenges and policy proposals to encourage women's participation in the agricultural sector and the Greek countryside

Social Innovation
Gender Equality
Duration:6/2017 - 12/2017
Client:General Secretariat for Gender Equality

The purpose of the study encompasses recording and evaluating the problems faced by female farmers. In particular, the research aims to highlight the diversity of the Greek countryside, highlighting both barriers to women's participation in agricultural and non-agricultural activities and the processes of integration of young female farmers into the primary sector.  The survey will study and analyze more recent statistics on gender and employment in the primary industry and the employment patterns of female farmers in the Greek countryside, particularly by looking at cooperative entrepreneurship (Female Social Entrepreneurship).

In addition, it will collect data on the prevailing trends in female employment in the primary sector in terms of gender, education level, age, and marital status. It will record data on the job of women's workforce in the primary sector (unemployed, underemployed, close to the poverty line, or facing social and gender discrimination).

It will also record cases of female entrepreneurship in the Greek countryside, which are characterized by the production of products with high added value and increased competitiveness (like organic farming, agro-tourism, dynamic crops such as the production of aromatic and medicinal plants, etc.) and formulate proposals for agricultural policy, with a gender-based approach to them, aimed at addressing the problems of female farmers.

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