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Duration:02/2020 - 08/2023

Border-SAFE is a research project implemented in the framework of the Single RTDI State Aid Action “RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE” under the priority sectors of Tourism, Culture and Creative Industries. The “RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE” support measure has been launched under the Intervention II – Business Partnerships with Research Organizations, and is financed by the Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK).

The Border-SAFE research project aims to find alternative, affordable options capable of delivering fast and low-cost, reliable solutions to meet the overriding needs of national maritime surveillance. Thus, the guiding idea of this research effort focuses on the reasoning that the multifaceted nature of the area under surveillance makes it necessary to use a constantly expanding and expanding network, multiple sensors and information sources.

The sensors that support the system can include any type of usable (eg radar, AIS receivers, cameras of all types, drones, etc.), but they should be low cost (purchase and operation) and easily replaceable -theself).

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