HyperDAM®: The Digital Asset Management Solution
Published on 22/11/2017

New technological trends in combination with explosion of data volume stored and exchanged daily produce the need of developing software able to manage, collect, control and catalogue based on the fact that all this data will be collected as files in a central repository in order to manageable by authorized users – professionals. Those specific systems address all professional fields even in the field of Multimedia – Media – Journalism. Regarding the field of radio and television broadcasting data volume must be manageable, accessible and organized responsibly.

HyperDAM® is a high tech application εφαρμογή for management, collection, control και and catalogue of multimedia files from a variety of formats. The HyperDAM® software is continually evolving with a highly focused and skilled development team, robust process of management and quality control. The software adopts best practices in maintaining currency with technical advances with a flexible architecture and open API’s.

Responding to rapid changes in video consumption trends and the proliferation of connected devices, HyperDAM®'s roadmap provides continual innovation - optimising the end user experience for a wide range of B2B and consumer audiences.


HyperDAM® is built as a Web application totally compatible with all operating systems and databases. We mention analytically the applied technology below:

  • Database: MySQL
  • Database Compatibility: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
  • BackEnd Platform: Microsoft .NET Core 2.1
  • FrontEnd: HTML 5, Bootstrap 3.0, CSS 3.0, Angular, REST Api
  • FrontEnd Design: Responsive για Tablets και Smatphones
  • OS Compatibility: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Web Servers: Αpache 2.4
  • Web Servers Compatibility: Microsoft IIS



The functionality of HyperDAM® is described below combined with its procedures:

  1. Multimedia files collection and cataloguing. Import data as multimedia files from many different sources. Data insertion is achieved using either mass web uploading or individual web uploading. Uploaded file is illustrated as thumbnail.
  2. Metadata. For every imported file user can add descriptive features (title, description, note, date of creation) and structural features (media file size, format, resolution, frame rate, pixels) through specific Web forms which he/she can use to insert feature values. HyperDAM gives to this specific procedure much importance due to the fact that file metadata is the initial step in order to set each file manageable, searchable and able to be catalogued.
  3. Search mechanism based on metadata. HyperDAM offers search filters in order to achieve analytical search through the use of metadata. Search panel contains filters in drop downs, text and dates. Search results appear in rows able to toggle so as to show more relevant results.
  4. User role management and file credentials. Users gain access into specific files either as individuals or groups. Each user’s role affects his/her operation on a file too, for instance a user can insert metadata to a file whereas another not. In addition, there is central user administration in order to create users by their username and password.
  5. File version control. The system is able to store separate versions of the same file in case it has upgrades. With this procedure we achieve the correct updating of users as whoever user asks for a new version and is authorized to obtain it is able to download it safely in his/her PC. Each version contains information not only for its version but also for the user who created this version.
  6. Workflow converting source files to other formats. HyperDAM is able to convert imported files to other formats, for instance a video from .avi to .mp4. Conversion can contain properties characteristic to the destination format like, for videos, frame rate, resolution, etc.
  7. Reporting. Application extracts reports based on filters which show totals of imported files, users’ usage, conversion history, etc.
  8. Notification. Each user is notified in real time through notification regarding new imported files based his/her role
  9. Logging. Each user’s operation is logged for security reasons in the database.
  10. Compliance with GDPR



HyperDAM® is a very promising application which upgrades all time in order to cover all the needs of a continuous demanding, specialized and evolving market. Based on previous assumptions we mention our goals regarding new editions of our application:

  1. File Importing through Cloud services like DropBox
  2. Custom Workflow Engine which can help authorized users to create workflows easily, using a web graphics interface, without the need of IT expertise
  3. Connection to LDAP Servers, Single Sign On in order to achieve authorize users. In addition, authorization using Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  4. Localization
  5. Live streaming, connection with RTMP servers
  6. Multimedia editing like cropping, segmentation, merging, color editing, playlists, clip creation
  7. Improve search procedures using Machine Learning algorithms
  8. File sharing securely to social networks, blogs and emails


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