Quality and Security Services of the Information System of the General Secretariat for Population & Social Cohesion

Technology Optimization
Information Security
Duration:12/2015 - 10/2017

The project's main objective was to provide quality and security services for the prompt, safe, and correct Implementation of the Total Project. The Total Project includes projects materialized in parallel for the Modernization of the Residency Permit and Citizenship Attribution Issue Process in the Greek Territory of the General Secretariat for       Population & Social Cohesion / Ministry of Interior.

  • Concerning the issue of the Quality Control of the Information System (IS), the work that was implemented :
  • Composition of plans based on the quality which will monitor the quality and reliability of the entire IS
  • Creation of a framework for the record and Implementation of operational and technical requirements
  • Controls for the implementation assurance of requirements/quality of the deliverables,
  • Development and Implementation of quality control and evaluation cycle by modeling the cases required to be implemented due to changes in the context of operation, Education of the executives of the General Secretariat for Population & Social Cohesion, and everyone involved in quality issues concerning the process of the IS.

About the security issue of the IS, the conduct of a study on matters of security within the provided services will take into consideration: everything that is defined in the Community legislation to the receipt, process, and management of sensitive personal and biometric data, Infrastructure of the Contracting Authority on which the IS will be based. The Security Study will also include Risk Analysis of the Operating Environment, Security Policy, and Qualification of Security Measures.

In connection with the preparation of specific studies on the IS, tasks to be implemented were as follows; Preparation of legal and institutional frameworks, necessary encodings and setup of the complexity and the co-responsibilities, Cost-benefit study for the evaluation of regulations whose implementation costs exceed the public benefit, financial or other, Assistance in decision drafts, Issues relating to the balanced functioning of the natural flow with the electronic one, Addressing the issues that arise during the Implementation and productive operation of the leading project

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