Amvrakikos Managment Body,Amvrakikos Wetlands National Park

Supply of a Remote Control Surveillance Radar System with the necessary accompanying equipment

Technology Optimization
Duration:12/2011 - 01/2012
Client:Amvrakikos Managment Body

The Amvrakikos Management Body as the beneficiary of funding after no. Protocol 1559 / 19-10-2011 encore for the "Green Fund" for the submission of proposals under the thematic priority "Actions to implement the measures for the protection and surveillance of their observance in the Protected Area of ​​Competence of the BATs," which is co-financed by the "Green Fund," called for expression of interest in the provision of remote surveillance radar necessary accompanying equipment. Intraway provided the following Radar with the necessary accompanying equipment:
1. Range over 30 nautical miles
2. Color LCD screen of at least 15.4 inches
3. The necessary support equipment (processor, keyboard, antenna, installation materials, etc.)
4. Electronic equipment (HARDWARE) for the transfer of radar image (remote surveillance), which support:

A) Transfer rate of at least 23 images per second

B) Supported Transport Protocols [ASF over HTTP, FLV over HTTP, RTP / RTSP unicast (TCP and UDP), RTP multicast (UDP), MJPEG]
C) Supported CODECs (MPEG4, H.264, MJPEG {video}), (MP3, PCM {audio})
D) Tele-supervision applications (VLC Player, QuickTime Player, Adobe Flash Plugin {Browser})
E) Uninterrupted operation in the event of power failure at least one (1) hour

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