Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED)

Evaluation of training programs for unemployed women in ICT

Monitoring & Evaluation
Training Courses
Duration:6/2010 - 10/2010
Client:Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED)

The subject of the project was the evaluation of the training programs for unemployed women in ICT (Information and Communication Technology), implemented by OAED as the final beneficiary under the "Information Society" plan, by gathering and processing data to measure the effectiveness of these programs. In particular, for the evaluation of this project, information was collected on the fulfillment of the main objectives of the program, such as improving the qualifications of unemployed women on the labor market in a constantly changing work environment, where there is new data on technological developments and the modernization of working methods, the acquisition by 15,000 unemployed women of basic ICT skills and the certification of the acquired knowledge of trained women in basic ICT skills.

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