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Technical support services for the “Enterprise Support

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Duration:2017 - 2017

Within the framework of the Business Program "Digital Convergence," the action of "Enterprise Support for the Implementation of Investment Development Plans - Provision of Innovative and Value Added Services (ict4growth ) "was assigned and implemented by the Information Society S.A., with a total budget of € 120.000.000,00 (public expenditure).
To implement the above action, Intraway needed to provide technical support services to Information Society S.A., and in particular, support for the submission of proposals, the evaluation of bids, the integration of approved operations, as well as the provision of additional horizontal support services such as communication with the beneficiaries of the action, drawing up various letters - documents, updating / managing the content of the website Action, submission of periodic and extraordinary reports, support for the registration of data in the Information System for Support of Information Society S.A. and extraction of notifications from it to support decision-making, support for the registration of project data of beneficiaries of the Integrated Information System of NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework).

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