Our People

Not resources. Not robots. Not rate-cards. People.
We’re proud to say that our people aren’t all identical. Personality Allowed.
But there is one thing we like our people do have in common. Brilliance.
They are passionate about delivering excellence for our clients, always doing the right thing and making a mark on our community. It’s how we bring them up!
Our experienced directors run the business while also actively engaging in client work. They like to roll up their sleeves and get involved helping our clients find solutions to problems and improve their business performance.

Our diversity statement

Intraway recognises the value of having a diverse group of people involved in the organisation and wishes to use the differences that people bring with them to support our mission and objectives. Intraway sees diversity as the visible and invisible differences between people, such as gender, race, ethnic or national origin, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, social class, language, religion, belief, education, family/marital/civil partnership status and caring responsibilities, and recognises that these differences can lead to different ways of thinking, behaving, communicating, and working. Intraway believes that these differences enrich our organisation. Intraway will work to ensure that all its staff have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential in carrying out their activities and seeks to ensure that equality of opportunity is available to those who apply to join Intraway through our recruitment process.

The Team

Constantine Koutsi

Constantine koutsi leads all aspects of Communication including marketing strategy, Web and interactive marketing, demand generation, social media, and partner marketing. Constantine brings over 15 years of delivering specialised services to public administrations to assist them in managing communication of large scale development programmes. She has joined INTRAWAY in 2000 and possesses a unique experience in planning, implementation, monitoring, follow-up, control and evaluation of large scale operational programmes for various agencies of the public administration. Constantine has directed multi-annual EU funded or co-funded technical assistance initiatives addressing regional development, SME development, export promotion, industrial development, employment, human resources development and transfer of know-how in all above fields.

George Vlahotasios

George Vlahotasios, has an extensive educational background in Engineering, Public Administration, Management and Evaluation from Technical University of Athens, Strathclyde University, Harvard University and London School of Economics. He has significant professional experience in strategic and business planning, programme evaluation, organizational restructuring and operational reengineering of businesses, management and co-ordination of large scale projects and in planning, co-ordination and evaluation of multi-annual operational programmes. Has guided INTRAWAY‘s development since its establishment in 1995 and actively shapes the company’s mission and strategy as a state-of-the-art service integrator and a partner of choice in South East Europe and the Mediterranean Region.

Tzafolias Dimosthenis

Dimosthenis Tzafolias joined Intraway in 2010, currently a senior member of Intraway leading the company’s Proposals Office. Has taken part in a number of important projects and programmes implemented by Intraway for large public sector organizations in Greece, with active involvement both during the design and implementation support stages. Has a portfolio of extensive experience in Business Planning, Organizational Design, Business Process Reengineering, Human Resources Management, Training Design and Change Management. His experience spans the Social Security, Education and Lifelong Learning, and Public Administration Reform domains.

<center>Nadia Avgoustinou</center>

Nadia Avgoustinou

Nadia Avgoustinou is experienced in proposal development and implementation of projects funded by EU programmes as well as consulting projects in the Greek market. Has accumulated experience in a broad range of service areas including: project management, capacity building and institutional strengthening, human resources development/training, policy advice, delivery of consultations and surveys, market analysis, etc. In terms of sectoral expertise, over the years she has been involved in projects targeting primarily in evaluations, gender trainings, and facilitating processes for gender mainstreaming within organisations. Her research interests include using reflective practice as a form of capacity development, the politics of accountability, and the politics of gender.

<center>Efi Metallidou</center>

Efi Metallidou

EFI METALIDOY is currently responsible for managing projects, financed by EU Structural Funds, providing support to public administration beneficiaries, as member of the Project Management Unit. Her professional experience in focused interventions aiming at boosting and sustaining development and possesses a long-lasting experience in the planning, management and delivery of large scale, complex development projects. She has directed a large number of projects, delivering technical and subject matter advisory services, aiming at the design and implementation of Development Plans and Structural Funds Initiatives addressing SME development, export promotion, industrial development, employment, human resources development, regional development, and transfer of know-how in all above fields.

<center>Dionisios Malapetsas</center>

Dionisios Malapetsas

Dionisis Malapetsas (BSc,MSc) is a PhD Student of University of Nicosia, has an MSc degree in Maritime Business Administration oriented to ICT (Kapodestrian University of Athens) and a MSc degree in Information Security and Computer Forensics (University of East London), has also a BSc degree in Computing, oriented to Hardware and Networks (University of East London). He has over 10 years’ work experience in Information Technology and he is in charge of ICT Projects. He is also a Digital Crime Examiner in co-operation with Greek Public Prosecutor’s office of District Court Judges as a research fellow.

<center>Maria Gasouka</center>

Maria Gasouka

Gasouka Maria (BA, PhD), is a social anthropologist specialised in social development with a focus on gender and development. She has expertise in social and institutional analysis, citizenship and rights in development and integration of equity concerns across sectors in policy development, programme and project planning, monitoring and evaluation. She has extensive experience and skills in applied and action-oriented research, teaching and training and has several publications in her fields of expertise. She has worked in Asia, Africa and the Middle East with multilateral and bi-lateral agencies, national governments, international and national non-governmental organisations on a broad range of development issues and especially in gender equality, gender mainstreaming and women’s rights, Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), Violence against women, including human trafficking and women’s economic and political empowerment.

<center>Maria Kantaraki</center>

Maria Kantaraki

Maria Kantaraki (PhD) has gained valuable experiences in international development and humanitarian assistance providing technical support services with a special focus on gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment. Special skills include socioeconomic and gender analysis, log frame development, evaluation, training facilitation, and team management, as well as writing/editing. She has been a member of the Greek Women’s Movement since 1978, at the Association of Greek Sociologists since 1987, member of the DS 2004 - 2006 and member of the Hellenic Association of Greek Scientists since 2007.

<center>Maria Koufioti</center>

Maria Koufioti

Maria Koufioti has over 15 years’ work experience in Gender and Development, which combine a development practitioner profile with teaching and training experiences, and participation in gender justice social movements. She worked on programs and policies promoting women’s empowerment in the social, political and economic spheres, including by contributing to initiatives aiming to eradicate violence against women and more broadly, gender-based violence.