Management Consulting

INTRAWAY specializes in the provision of programme and project management consulting services; services which are dedicated to the needs of each organisation.

We focus on project execution and our project management experts work closely with our clients to understand their unique business and policy requirements and to adapt processes and methods that meet those requirements. We are flexible in our structure and depending on the type of assignment we are able to field a single project manager or a cross-disciplinary team.

Projects are multi-faceted challenges, which require the effective management of schedule, logistics, quality, cost, and co-ordination in a cohesive and controlled fashion. We are fully conversant in traditional project management methodologies such as PMI and PRINCE2. However, we use key aspects of other effective methodologies such as Goal Directed Project Management and Strategic Project Leadership. Additionally, we are able to add our own methodology, crafted from our experience of executing numerous successful projects.

Programs require capabilities and resources that are not generally required in the project management space, and which correlate directly with the program’s success. In general, program efforts have a larger scale and impact than most project efforts. The outcome(s) of a program effort can have a significant impact upon business and product viability. These efforts can also consume significant amounts of funding — which can translate into hard choices about whether to continue or discontinue programs or certain aspects of them. Our programme and project management assignments involve:

  • Planning, including scoping, identification of issues and planning for the management of risk, cost, quality and time.
  • Development and application of procedures and management methodologies.
  • Setting up the allocation, utilization, and direction of human and technical resources, ensuring that projects are delivered to time and costs, relating to the available funding.
  • Stakeholder engagement to analyze their expectations and to consult them in order to ensure that they are aligned to the project objectives and to avoid conflicts.
  • Measurement of success and identification of quantifiable results through the development and application of key performance indicators.
  • Ex-ante, ongoing and ex-post project evaluation, providing independent assessment and recommending improvements.
  • Dissemination and communications support.